Sustainable Statement Jewelry, Accessories, Crowns, Bridal Headpieces, Keepsake Custom Jewels

"Only One for the One       and Only You." 
 La Marelle Couture
Couture Accessories, Fine Jewelry, Fantasy Fashion, Custom Jewelry, Steampunk, Bridal Purses & Head Pieces. Rentals & Layaway Plans. Formal Neck Pieces, Unique One of a kind Accessories, Vintage Art Jewellery Pieces, Avant Garde Statement Accessories. Custom Orders Welcome. Headpieces, Bridal Necklaces, Jewelry Bouquets and Sashes. Keepsake Treasures all made from high quality vintage materials. No Two are Ever the Same.  As always ... Only One for the One and Only You ... Marelle Couture

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         Le créateur

    Marelle Couture

One of a Kind Fantasy Wear, Steampunk  Jewelry  Accessories 

Neo Victorian  Jewelry,  Vintage 

Art  Purses,

Avant Garde,  Statement  Accessories 

Custom  Orders  Headpieces, 

Bridal  Necklaces, Jewelry  Bouquets  Sashes

Etc. Etc.

  La Marelle


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